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Esthetic Salon

Temporary Closure of the Esthetic Salon “Salon de La Prairie”

In order to help prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Esthetic Salon “Salon de La Prairie” will be closed until further notice.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

La Prairie is a Swiss cosmetics company that has consistently manufactured special skincare for the world’s celebrities, and boasts around 40 Art of Beauty salons in various locations across the globe. Our beauticians treat guests using no machinery and only La Prairie products to manually relax the skin and create a beautiful and healthy glow.

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Opening Times

  • Weekdays: 11:00–20:00 (reception closes at 18:30)
  • Weekends and public holidays: 10:00–20:00 (reception closes at 18:30)

*Reservations are required.

Enquiries and reservations

Salon de La Prairie: +81-3-3669-2467 (direct line)

About La Prairie’s "The Art of Beauty"

La Prairie’s Art of Beauty salons started in 1994 as a chain of beauty salons located in only the best of the world’s five-star hotels. Clients from around the world who demand the very highest level of luxury always visit these salons. As the company entered the 21st century, it started to expand its brand philosophy to the area of beauty salons where no machinery is used and every single guest is provided with specially tailored treatment in a totally personalized service.