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Tempura Counter MATSUKAZE

Guests can enjoy freshly cooked tempura, filled with the most delicious seasonal ingredients.We offer a unique opportunity for guests to enjoy tempura prepared right before one’s eyes by esteemed chefs.

Tempura counter “Matsukaze” will be closed on the following days.
Closed period: January 9, 2020 (Thu) to June 30 (Tue) (Scheduled)

Notification of the relocation of the Japanese restaurant "Genjikoh"

Thank you very much for choosing the Royal Park Hotel.

Due to renovation of the kitchen facilities at the Japanese restaurant “Genjikoh” located on the 5th floor, the restaurant will be relocated and open for business at “Palazzo,” located on the 20th floor, for a duration of six months during the construction period starting from January 9, 2020 (Thu).
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and would like to thank you for your understanding.


Relocation of business period: January 9, 2020 (Thu) to June 30 (Tue) (Scheduled)

Relocation area: 20th floor, “Palazzo”

*The indicated periods may change due to circumstances regarding the construction.

Reservations/inquiries: Dedicated restaurant reservation number
03-5641-3600 (Reception hours: 9:00-20:00)