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Treatment Menu

for the Face

BEAUTY EXPRESS FACIAL 45min /¥14,580(¥13,500)
Perfection in less than an hour! This treatment improves circulation and gives you a feeling of wonderful renewal, relaxation and radiance.
You will be ready to face another hectic day or a night on the town.

CELLULAR HYDRATING FACIAL 60min /¥18,900(¥17,500) 90min /¥22,680(¥21,000)
The most dramatic results for stressed, fatigued skin. This intensive facial re-news, re-charges, and re-builds the skin to hydrate and revive luminosity.
Skin looks younger and bursts with moisture and vital energy.

CAVIAR LIFT FACIAL 90min /¥24,840(¥23,000)
Pure luxury that instantly firms skin, giving it a more perfect tone and texture. Caviar pearls instantly lift and infused the face and eye to transform even the dullest complexions into radiant, luminous skin.

Elegance and efficacy combined, this facial promotes an even skin tone by helping to prevent discoloration. With the added benefit of the Golden Caviar extracts the skin is firmer and more hydrated. Providing a more illuminated, smoother skin that enhances the complexion.

Our skin needs moisture and energy. It must be nourished and cared for. Taking into account the needs of our skin, this treatment encourage younger looking skin, bursting with moisture and vital energy.

PURE GOLD RADIANCE FACIAL 90min /¥24,840(¥23,000)
The pure golden drops of Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold visibly lift, brighten and energize. The penetration of precious Pure Gold serum,making the skin look smoother and feel radiant and vibrantly alive.

PLATINUM RARE FACIAL 90min /¥43,740(¥40,500)
A head-to-toe treatment with infusions of pure platinum to restore balance. Two therapists are present to pamper your skin using the high perfomance.
The skin is left super hydrated and glowing for days.

for the Body

CAVIAR BODY TREATMENT 90min /¥27,000(¥25,000)
Luxurious caviar is the source of this nourishing and energizing total body massage. This ultimate firming treatment leaves skin shimmering with renewed vitality, improved elasticity and an overall sense of well-being.

for Men

SWISS CELLULAR FACIAL FOR MEN 60min /¥18,900(¥17,500)
Instantly cleanses, energizes and conditions skin. The balance of the skin seems to be renewed and restored, helping to return the skin back to normal. To eliminate congestion and reveal younger, fresher-looking skin.